My Truth (Part I)

 I named this post “My Truth” because I am writing about my personal, spiritual experiences. My first memory of a supernatural experience was when I was around six years old.  We lived in a two bedroom, shotgun house.  I shared a bed with two of my sisters. Those were happy years. I remember long, lazy, summers and there was always something fun to do. We lived across the street from Hardin Park.  It was a great park. There was always an activity held at the park during the summer months. I remember my father taking me and my sisters to the park one night to listen to a band playing. Everyone sat on the bleachers. People were having a good time. The park also had two swimming pools.  Every summer a swim team would put on an aquatic dance in the adult swimming pool.  It was beautiful.  I enjoyed it so much.  To me it was water ballet. 

I dreaded going to bed at night because that was when I had frightening experiences.  



The house was in total darkness which made it even more frightening. I was so afraid that each night I slept between my two sisters in the bed.  Our bedroom was next to the kitchen.  I would wake-up several times during the night (still do).  After waking up I could immediately hear noise coming from the kitchen.  I could hear the clattering of dishes and pots.  Then I heard chains rattling.  It sounded like chains dragging across the floor.  I could hear them coming closer and closer.  I thought any minute I could see them come into the bedroom.  Trembling, I  pull the cover over my head hoping they would go away.   

When I began to have these experiences, I would wake up my sisters from their sleep and ask them if they heard the chains.  My sisters were grumpy and upset with me for waking them up.  They did not hear anything.  I didn’t understand why they  did not hear what I heard.  Needless to say, I stopped waking them up at night.  Some nights when I could not stand it any longer, I let out the loudest scream.  I’d wake up everybody and then my parents allowed me to sleep in their bed.  This happened at least two to three times a week.

I knew the chains were not of someone in prison.  Everything within me told me they were slaves.  I could feel the heaviness and sadness. It was a horrible existence for them. I endured this for six years until my parents moved out of that house.  We moved to another house when I entered junior high school. There I had an experience of a different nature.

I will post Part II of My Truth at a later date.

Love, light and blessings


Cause and Effect?

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Gloria Wendroff – Heaven Letters – Coming True – 21 May 2013

gods20handGod said:

You might as well know beforehand that all good is coming to you. Listen to Me. All good.

Your first response may be: “Yeah, sure, God, all good is coming to me. Right and left. Nothing goes wrong in my life. Sure.” And you believe Me not.

Believe Me. I suggest you imprint this image of all good coming to you brightly in your mind — in your every thought, in how you walk, and in your very Being.

What would you like to expect? Pretty much you have been expecting an axe to fall. You have solid belief in the idea that you are doomed, doomed to dashed hopes and a somber reality.

Which way of thinking do you bet gives you better odds? The practical way you tend to think? Or the way I think and the way I advise?

You may prefer to point out to Me the Reality you see — the newspaper point of view. You see trouble brewing and trouble evidenced. You have a picture of gloom, and you call it Reality.

Beloveds, please get it through your head that there is a Greater Reality. Not only is there a Greater Reality, your sense of life reflected in your thoughts influences your life, your daily life and your far-range life. You do not always see this. Life has disappointed you, and you don’t want to be a fool and appear to live in a Fool’s Paradise. Probably, you like to think of yourself as a person who faces facts. Continue reading