Walk in imageI’m working on my next book which is very different from the children’s book, Earth Allies that I’ve written. It is fictional with some personal truths incorporated into it. Here is an excerpt that I thought you might enjoy reading.

The little girl tossed her doll aside as she begin to climb up onto the chair, then the table, and helped herself to a peanut butter cookie from the red and white cookie jar. She was sitting on the edge of the table swinging her little legs back and forth. As she reached for another cookie, her mother called her.

“Onyx where are you?”

This startled the child. She dropped the cookie and tried to put her feet back onto the chair to get off the table but lost her balance and began to fall. This is the moment we agreed upon to make the transfer. When the child made impact with the floor, I entered the body. I walked-in and the original soul walked-out.


change ahead


Finally, I’ve come up for air. I’ve been immersed in major changes in my life. The thing is, I knew it was coming. Spirit was preparing me for this change because earlier this year, I found a need to know exactly where I stand financially in the event I were to lose my job. I found myself thinking of ways to create income were I to become unemployed.

In early June, I was told by my boss of seven years, that my position was being eliminated. My boss was very apologetic, and said it was a business decision and had nothing to do with my job performance. Sitting there in his office that morning, partially listening to him, I felt defeated. But then a feeling of calm came over me and I began to look at this as an opportunity. In fact, I felt as if I had been set free. Free to pursue the life that I want to live.

The situation at work had to do with a new office administrator, who at the time of my departure had been working there two years. Prior to her employment with the firm, all was well -everyone got along. When the office administrator was hired I immediately knew something wasn’t right. After a while, I began to wonder why this woman was placed in my life.  One day, I realized that she was placed on my path so that I can see how much I’ve grown spiritually. Can I walk the talk? Will I judge her or try to understand her? I chose the latter.

I believe the office administrator played a part in my dismissal. I was let go two weeks after I had a confrontation with her about how she spoke to me and treated me. I was professional about it and there was a witness to what happened.

In spite of my efforts, I was let go anyway. The way I see it, my destiny was calling. It was time for me to leave my job and the Universe gave me a push.

new beginnings

Since I left, I have been very busy. I feel great! I feel free. My book, “Earth Allies” is with the publisher and will be in paperback soon. I’ve started writing my second book, “The Walk-In.”  Also, I’m trying to create income by doing contract work and temporary work. I feel my life going in a new direction.   I am blessed and grateful for this new beginning.

Love, light, and blessings


Amazing Experiences


Hi everybody,

I am having amazing experiences and I am receiving messages from my guides and my Higher-self on a regular basis.  Messages we receive from our guides may be so subtle that we might miss them  if we don’t pay attention.

I’m getting random thoughts about the smallest things and then it happens.   For instance, about two weeks ago my laptop stopped working. I couldn’t access anything .  I ran the maintenance test and got a message that the hard drive had failed.  So, I took  my laptop to a local computer repair business.  I told them I ran the maintenance test and that the hard drive had to be replaced. We discussed what needed to be done and the fee involved.  As I’m having this conversation, I get a thought that nothing is wrong with the hard drive. I dismissed it as wishful thinking.  I retrieved my laptop a few days later and it’s working fine.

Well this past Saturday while talking to my neighbor, I told him about my ordeal with my laptop and the fact that I still needed to get my files off of the bad hard drive and save them to my new hard drive.  My neighbor kindly offered to do that for me.  So I brought him my laptop and the damaged hard drive.   Ten minutes later he’s knocking at my door telling me there is nothing wrong with my hard drive.  It had a virus and he removed it.  Why did I ignore the message that I got?

Just yesterday, I took Sugar, my Bechon Frise’, to the clinic to have her teeth cleaned which required her to be sedated.  I got a random thought, that Sugar might be ill.  I thought nothing of it and ignored it.  Well it turns out Sugar somehow has chemical poisoning in her system and her liver enzyme count is a little low.  Because of that issue the dental cleaning was postponed. The veterinarian told me to give Sugar Milk  Thistle until her next appointment in a few weeks.  Again, I got a message that I chose to ignore.

Sometimes I might think of a person  that I haven’t seen in years and shortly afterwards I receive news about the person or news from the person.

I am receiving immediate answers to questions that I pose during meditation. I asked my Higher-self  if I am on the right path in my life.  Am I during what I came here to do?  I got a message. I actually heard these words, “You have the advantage of knowing what is not commonly known.”   What a message!


I’m also receiving messages during dream time.  I was shown doors and I had to decide which one to open. I saw a female giant in one dream and a hand extended towards me filled with gold coins. During a recent meditation I saw the words love.

It’s wonderful to receive these communications.  It’s like a report card.  I know how I’m progressing and I know what I need to work on.


Love, light and blessings


Remembering Your Past Lives

This is an excellent article by Trish LeSage about past lives.  I believe many people experience past life memories but do not recognize it as as such.  This article may help you with recognizing a past life memory.


Remembering Your Past Lives

Posted by Trish LeSage  | 1 Comments
18 February 2014


“Remembering Your Past Lives”

Are you interested in or attracted to specific geographic places or types of places? Have you ever felt a feeling of déjà vu when you have been in certain places? Have you ever felt as if you already knew someone or as if you had known them for a very long time even if you were just meeting them for the first time? Do you have fears or phobias that have no basis in your current life? Do you have a nagging preference for things that do not make any sense for your current life? While sleeping, do you dream of different time periods or of foreign lands that you have never traveled to? Have you ever experienced unexplained ailments? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, memories of your past lives are possibly being brought to the surface of your waking conscious mind.

Many people who heal themselves are well aware of the fact that the root causes of some of our issues, problems, and ailments in our present lives actually have their origins in traumas that occurred during our past lives, some of which occurred centuries or even thousands of years ago. Since serious injuries to our physical body can also damage our energy bodies, and we take our energy bodies with us when we die, the record of our injuries from our past lives are carried with us in our energy bodies from one lifetime to the next. When we reincarnate into a new body, the records of our past life injuries are carried with us into our new physical body via our energy bodies. This often translates into ailments in our current physical body. For example, someone who received a strong blow to the head in a past life may suffer from migraine headaches in their present life.

Unexplained fears and phobias that have no basis in our current life often have their origins in traumatic and fatal events that occurred during our past lives. Past traumatic events are recorded in our soul’s mind. Since our “soul mind” goes with us when we die, records of those past life traumas also accompany us from one lifetime to the next in our subconscious mind. Memories from those past life traumas often surface during our current lifetime in the form of fears and phobias.

Our preferences, strong likes, and strong dislikes often carry over from one lifetime to another also. All of the character roles that we have played during each of our past lives become a part of who we are eternally. A piece of each person that we have ever been has formed a part of who we are in the present moment, including past life preferences, likes, and dislikes.

Understanding a foreign language that one had no prior knowledge of nor any prior exposure to is also another form of one’s past life memories surfacing into one’s current life. There are some well documented cases of this phenomenon. Cases have even been documented in which children have awoken at night fluently speaking a foreign language that they had no prior knowledge of nor any prior exposure to.

I have personally experienced this phenomenon for myself. When I was a child, the country of Italy was of special interest to me. I wanted to travel to Italy, and I wanted to live there even though I had never been exposed to the Italian language in my life, and I did not know anything at all about the Italian culture. Once I became an adult, I finally traveled to Italy. Before going to Italy, I memorized a few tourist phrases in Italian such as: “Where is the bathroom?”, “How much does it cost?”, “I would like to order a soda.”, etc. As the days passed while I was on vacation in Italy, I was surprised to find that I understood more and more of the Italian language. By the time a week had passed, I was able to understand about 80% of the TV broadcasts in Italian, and I was able to understand 100% of the people who spoke to me. To my amazement, when we accidentally sat in the first class section of a train after having purchased a ticket for another section of the train, I understood perfectly when the train conductor explained to me in Italian that we were sitting in first class, and we had not paid for a first class ticket, and therefore, we needed to pay the difference in price between the ticket we had paid for and a first class ticket in order to continue sitting in first class. Otherwise, we would have to move to another section of the train. I also served as an interpreter in the dining room of our hotel when two English speaking tourists could not communicate with a waitress who only spoke Italian. When I returned home from our vacation, out of curiosity, I did Past Life Regression and found that I had lived a past life in Italy during the 1600’s. This explained to me why when I traveled to Italy during my current life, having only known a few Italian phrases, I was able to understand Italian so easily while I was there. Past life memories of the Italian language having been my native tongue several centuries ago had surfaced during my current life to help me when needed.

So, the next time you dream about foreign lands that you have never visited, you experience unexplained fear, you feel a connection to a particular place, or you feel as if you have known someone for a very long time even though you are meeting them for the first time, you may be experiencing the phenomenon of your past life memories being brought to the surface. You are being given a window into who you have been that has shaped who you are today, and what a fascinating and insightful window it is!

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SPIRIT is Always There

Rain in Australian Rainforest

SPIRIT is Always There

SPIRIT is always there waiting for us to reach out and connect

When we think we are alone, when we think we’re not loved,

when we feel we’re carrying the weight of the world on

our shoulders, SPIRIT is always there

Seek and ye shall find

Let those who have eyes, see

Let those who have ears, hear

SPIRIT is always there

SPIRIT is the great Comforter

SPIRIT is all knowing

SPIRIT protect us

SPIRIT loves us

It does not matter how far off the road we may drift

SPIRIT is always there

Oh how I delight and bask in the loving light of SPIRIT

V.F. Farria