The Grand Trine and Grand Sextile

MC900441147 (2)blue stars


       I’m no expert on the subject but this is my understanding of what is coming.  I’ve read that we are in the Third Trimester of 2013. From now through August, astronomically speaking, we will experience several trines, T-squares and oppositions.  Recently we had a Grand Water Trine which occurs when the moon moves into position to line up with Venus and Pluto creating a triangle. Then we have a Grand Sextile created when Mars Conjunct Jupiter, trines Saturn and Neptune.  Spirituality, abundance and peace rules. Due to the Grand Trine and Grand Sextile the potential for transformation through beauty and love is possible. This is a gentle and positive transit. Also, this trine may expand our Higher Awareness.  During this transit  it is easier to deal with our emotional issues. It is also a good time to do inner cleaning.

         T-squares and oppositions will occur between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. T-squares and oppositions are difficult. During a T-square or opposition, we may see more natural disasters, political unrest, and civil uprising.

       Negativity comes to the forefront. And it needs to do just that so that we may address it and clear it out.  Any upheaval we experience, be it in our personal lives, weather disturbances, or within our government,  is  a cleansing process. During these times, some of us may be affected by these transits more than others.

       I recommend that you read articles on the subject for a better understanding of what a Grand Trine and Grand Sextile is.  Stay centered, meditate, and hold the light.

Love, light, and blessings