My Truth Part III

       During the late 80’s I had my palms read.  I don’t remember the psychic’s name but she looked at the palm of both my hands and began to reveal things to me that were on target.  Then she told me I was a walk-in.  What is a walk-in? The psychic explained that the original soul left the body and another soul took over the body.  vee with sun shadeShe continued to talk but to tell you the truth, I did not pay much attention to anything she said after that because I found what she said to be totally unbelievable. But as time went on what she said to me stayed on my mind.  As unbelievable as it seemed to me, I had to find out more about soul exchange. 

       Years before I had my palms read,  I was living in a house that had several spirits there.  Lots of activity that usually occurred at night.  The most uncomfortable room in the house was the bathroom. Whenever I was in the (very small ) bathroom I had an unsettling feeling, like I was going to see someone any second.  I always felt like I was being watched.  One night I saw a man and young boy standing at the foot of my bed. They looked dense. Like shadows.  The man was average height and slender.  He was holding the little boy’s hand.  The child was about five years old.  I sat up in bed, frightened.   My boyfriend was there right next to me, sound asleep.  But I couldn’t move or scream.  I just stared at them.   I closed my eyes and said a prayer.  When I looked again, they were gone.  I felt their sadness.  It was a very heavy feeling.   

       Of course,  I talked to my boyfriend about some of the things going on in the house and he said he believed me.  He admitted that he felt uncomfortable in the house.  One New Year’s Eve we were invited to a party.   We bought a bottle of Crown Royal to take to the party.  The weather was bad and then fog set in, so we decided not to go to the party.  My boyfriend sat the Crown Royal on the coffee table in the living room before we went to bed.  The next morning, the bottle was sitting on the floor next to the coffee table.  Another time, I was home alone because my boyfriend was out of town.  I was nervous  about being there alone,  so, I decided to sleep on the living room couch.  At some point I fell asleep.  Suddenly I was awakened to the sound of my dog barking. The closet door in the living room was open and the light was on.  In fact, every light in the house was on.  The TV was blasting and I realized my dog was facing the closet looking upward barking.  Needless to say, I was up the rest of the night. After living in that house three years, we moved.

        I had to find out why I was having these experiences.  I began to search for others who were having the same experiences as I was having.  Somehow I stumbled upon information about a small group who meet once a week to discuss supernatural matters. I went to the meeting a few times and decided it wasn’t for me.  But, I did learn a few things.  One thing I learned was I am not alone.  There are others like me.

       Years after having my palm reading, I was in a book store looking for anything to read on reincarnation when I ran across a book by Ruth Montgomery, “Strangers Among Us.”  It blew my mind.  After reading her book I realized I had most of the classic signs of a walk-in.

       Through the years much has been revealed to me.  I actually know when the soul exchange took place. It happened when the child was three. Maybe I’ll talk about that on another post.

Love, light and blessings