Spirit MessagesThis past Saturday I decided to go for a reading at the Psychic Fair. Whenever I go, usually twice a year, I see RosaLee. She’s great and I trust her. I’ve met with her at least six times over the past four years. Sometimes she uses the cards as a tool when giving a reading and other times she doesn’t.

       I wanted a general reading this time, so she used two separate types of cards. She instructed me to cut the cards into three stacks. Then she turned over the first card of each stack. RosaLee explained that the cards showed past lives that I am clearing karma. She pointed to the first card and said it shows a lifetime as a Mongolian. I knew she was right.

       I have a two year old grandson and my bound with him is more than special. By the time he was one years old I’ve had very strong feelings that he and I had a lifetime together as warriors in Genghis Khan’s army. I expressed this to my daughter and a co-worker.

       When RosaLee said Mongolian, I suddenly felt goose bumps, a chill, cover my body from head to toe. This happens when I get confirmation about something. Sometimes it happens when I meditate. It stops me in my track and I just go with it. I let it flow through my body. My ears pop and I stiffen a little when it happens. RosaLee said “you were Genghis Khan, no, I’m getting Shaman.” It happened again. My entire body became chilled. Another confirmation. I’ve had two visions of a Shaman and I thought I may have been one in a past life. I thought I was a warrior in Genghis Khan’s army but I learned I was a Shaman. I did not get any confirmation that me and my grandson were together in that lifetime. But that’s okay because I know we were.

       I also had a past life in Russia and the Middle East. In the Middle East I was male again and of royalty (a Prince). I fought in a few battles and took all the glory. It seems I received lots of recognition, praise, and treasurers, when I did not deserve it. We didn’t talk about the lifetime in Russia. Mostly we talked about my lifetime as a Shaman.

       We covered a lot of other things that were very favorable and I’m looking forward to seeing how things unfold.  It was a very good reading.

Love, light and blessings