Talk About Books

?????????????????????????????????????????girl reading bookOne of my favorite things to do is read.  I got into reading when I entered high school. I enjoyed literature while in junior high and read a few poems but I didn’t really get into reading until high school. 

      In senior high I read Anne Frank’s, Otto M. Frank’s, “The Diary of Anne Frank.”   Wow, it broke my heart.   I felt sorrow for what happened to Anne Frank and her family during World War II;  not only for the Franks but for all who suffered during the war. Then I read “Chariots Of  The Gods,” by Erich Von Daniken. Another good read. I did a book report on Adi-Kent’s, Thomas Jeffrey’s, “The Bermuda Triangle.”  Reading that book introduced me to books about the supernatural.

       I’m presently reading James Van Praagh’s, “Unfinished Business,” and David Wilcock’s  “The Source Field Investigations.”  Yeah, two books at the same time.  I do that a lot.  LOL

       I had the privilege of attending a seminar by James Van Praagh and when it was over, I purchased “Unfinished Business.”  Reading his book has helped me with my grieving process. I have a better understanding of the effect our grieving have on loved ones who have crossed-over. I’m almost finished reading it.

       I just started reading “The Source Field Investigations.”  So far it holds my interest. I’m on chapter nine. There is a lot of scientific stuff, that I skipped over. It was too technical for me. In one chapter he talks about Russian scientists who have discovered the power of Pyramids.  They are building Pyramids in different places in Russia that have proven to be very beneficial to the communities. He provides the source of his research for anyone interested in checking it out.

       I’ll provide more on the books once I am finished reading them.

       I am not a book critic.  I just want to talk about books that I’ve read, plan to read, or that I am reading. I welcome your comments.

Love, light, and blessings

A Mindful Life or Mindless Life?

fall color at the garden

About a month ago I attended a three hour seminar featuring James Van Praagh.  It was an evening that I will forever cherish.  If you have an opportunity to attend one of his seminars, I highly recommend that you do so.  At the end of the evening I purchased his book Unfinished Business, What the Dead Can Teach Us About Life.
Unfinished Business is filled with information learned from those who are no longer incarnate.   According to Mr. Praagh when a person has the opportunity to communicate with a loved one who has crossed over, he or she can look at things from a different perspective.  Some of the messages from those who have crossed over are asking and giving forgiveness; relieving a person of guilt; expressing regrets and giving apologies.  A lot of spirits suffer from unfinished business when they leave this life.
Chapter nine of the book has a sub-title, Mindful or Mindless?  Living mindful is living your life with awareness of the present moment.  To live in the present, we must always be aware of what we think, feel, and sense, otherwise we become a victim. We create situations in our lives to our detriment. When we live in a state of mindfulness we lift ourselves higher  in consciousness. When we are attuned to our higher-self we are more intuitive. Our creativity flows and we are aware of others’ feelings from a soul perspective.
Everyday I try to live a mind-full life.  It’s not easy but I have gotten much better at it.  When I interact with others I do so from a place of love. If I am upset about something, I accept it, feel the emotion and then let it go.  But sometimes I am unable to move through those emotions easily.  I work very hard at not being judgmental and it is the hardest thing to do.  When I catch myself doing so, I immediately change my thoughts. Although I may fall short sometimes, I strive to live a mind-full life.
Love and Light