Brothers’ Keeper

This video says it all.

       There are times when I am overwhelmed with emotions witnessing acts of kindness, compassion, charity, and love given freely, unconditionally, to a total stranger.  There are many who spread their Light everywhere they go.  There’s Glen James, the homeless man who returned the backpack containing $42,000 .  Ethan Whittington, the man who set up the online fundraiser for Glen James.  He hoped to raise a few thousand dollars to give to Glen James to help him get on his feet.  Then there’s the people who donated money to the fundraiser for Glen James.   Someone offered to give him free dental care.  Another person offered a computer.

       One act of kindness by one man created a domino effect. There is an out-pour of love and compassion from you, wonderful human beings, for another member of the human race.

Let’s continue to help our neighbors, our brothers, our sisters.

Let’s continue to spread unity, love, compassion.

Let’s continue to be our brothers’ keeper.

Love, light and blessings