Love Connection

Rose On Wood BW

I woke early this morning around 6:00 a.m. and could not go back to sleep. Then my mind was flooded with thoughts of my spiritual journey and I found myself wanting to write it down. I was thinking about my life and the twist and turns it has taken.  And through it all the one constant in my life is my spiritual quest. It began at a very young age. I always knew there was something more.  At age five, I knew but couldn’t put it into words because I did not understand.

I was an unhappy child and teen.  It became worse when I grew into adult hood. Depression set in. What caused me to feel so depressed for many years? Actually, it was many things. I felt unloved, alone, and not good enough. I was an introvert and very sensitive.

I needed to feel loved and I didn’t feel it from my parents. But I realized the kind of love I needed couldn’t come from my parents. I needed to feel the love of Creator, Source, God…  My depression had to do with me needing to feel connected to Source.  By reading self-help books, the Bible and other books on spirituality, I overcame depression.

Over the years I grew and learned so much when I began to search for truth.  Happiness replaced depression and self-confidence replaced low self esteem. I feel connected to Source and I finally learned to love myself.

Love and light