I had a beautiful experience recently while out shopping. In fact, I had the same experience last year when I was apartment hunting.
A couple of days ago, I was out shopping and my six-year-old grandson was with me. Entering the store I hear kids running around playing but I didn’t see them. Looking around for school uniform pants I see a few people in the store. Then I hear a tiny voice asking if she could hug me. I look down to see a pretty, round face, little girl with big eyes, about five years old, looking up at me. I was startled and instinctively looked around for a parent. No one was near. I got down to her level and she hugged me. After a few seconds, all I could say was thank you. Thank you for the hug. I thought she was so sweet. Smiling at me, she darted off to continue playing.
Why in the mist of running around the store, playing, did the little girl come to me and ask if she could give me a hug?
Last year around this time I had a similar experience. I was apartment hunting and the leasing agent at a complex I visited had her son with her in the leasing office.  She told me her  nine-year old son was a huger and asked if I wanted to meet him. I agreed. She went into another office to get him. She returned and told him my name. He walked towards me with arms outstretched. I bent down to hug and he placed his head on my shoulder. After a few seconds, I tried to pull away but he held on. I relaxed and accepted the hug. Then, I became overwhelmed with emotion and tears fell down my checks. I was a little embarrassed because I didn’t know why I was crying. I can only say the experience was very powerful.
So a year later I have another experience of a child wanting to hug me. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I accept it as a message, a gift from above. I believe there are souls being born now coming here with the specific purpose to spread love and compassion. They are Crystal Children.  I am honored to have met a Crystal Child for the second time.
V Farria

My Wish For You

New Year Celebration (2)

To all of my friends, I am grateful and humbled that you follow my blog.  My wish for you in this New Year 2014 is More;

More love in your life

More compassion

More friends

More forgiving

More enlightment

More success

More good health

More wisdom

More charity

More understanding

More abundance

More lessons

More clarity

I wish for you a life filled with More.

Love, light and blessings


Brothers’ Keeper

This video says it all.

       There are times when I am overwhelmed with emotions witnessing acts of kindness, compassion, charity, and love given freely, unconditionally, to a total stranger.  There are many who spread their Light everywhere they go.  There’s Glen James, the homeless man who returned the backpack containing $42,000 .  Ethan Whittington, the man who set up the online fundraiser for Glen James.  He hoped to raise a few thousand dollars to give to Glen James to help him get on his feet.  Then there’s the people who donated money to the fundraiser for Glen James.   Someone offered to give him free dental care.  Another person offered a computer.

       One act of kindness by one man created a domino effect. There is an out-pour of love and compassion from you, wonderful human beings, for another member of the human race.

Let’s continue to help our neighbors, our brothers, our sisters.

Let’s continue to spread unity, love, compassion.

Let’s continue to be our brothers’ keeper.

Love, light and blessings