A Change Within

Human alignment with the Creative Source creates a multidimensional change within.  Becoming multidimensional increases intellect, intuition and awareness of a GREATER TRUTH.

“The alignment between you and the creative source will create a multidimensional change in you.  Those who start to become multidimensional start to soar in their intellect, in their intuition and in their awareness of a greater truth.  As you walk out the door today, can you say, “I’m a piece of the creator, and I have God inside me.  I am eternal”.  Does it make you nervous to say it?  If so, examine why:  You may be participating in the past of what you were told, instead of a future where you are able to recognize by yourself what is the intuitive truth.  Which do you want?”

Kryon Channelling

Channelled by Lee Carol, May 20, 2017


change ahead


Finally, I’ve come up for air. I’ve been immersed in major changes in my life. The thing is, I knew it was coming. Spirit was preparing me for this change because earlier this year, I found a need to know exactly where I stand financially in the event I were to lose my job. I found myself thinking of ways to create income were I to become unemployed.

In early June, I was told by my boss of seven years, that my position was being eliminated. My boss was very apologetic, and said it was a business decision and had nothing to do with my job performance. Sitting there in his office that morning, partially listening to him, I felt defeated. But then a feeling of calm came over me and I began to look at this as an opportunity. In fact, I felt as if I had been set free. Free to pursue the life that I want to live.

The situation at work had to do with a new office administrator, who at the time of my departure had been working there two years. Prior to her employment with the firm, all was well -everyone got along. When the office administrator was hired I immediately knew something wasn’t right. After a while, I began to wonder why this woman was placed in my life.  One day, I realized that she was placed on my path so that I can see how much I’ve grown spiritually. Can I walk the talk? Will I judge her or try to understand her? I chose the latter.

I believe the office administrator played a part in my dismissal. I was let go two weeks after I had a confrontation with her about how she spoke to me and treated me. I was professional about it and there was a witness to what happened.

In spite of my efforts, I was let go anyway. The way I see it, my destiny was calling. It was time for me to leave my job and the Universe gave me a push.

new beginnings

Since I left, I have been very busy. I feel great! I feel free. My book, “Earth Allies” is with the publisher and will be in paperback soon. I’ve started writing my second book, “The Walk-In.”  Also, I’m trying to create income by doing contract work and temporary work. I feel my life going in a new direction.   I am blessed and grateful for this new beginning.

Love, light, and blessings