Events That Impact Our Lives

Military025       I watched a movie a couple of days ago, “The Vow.” It’s a great movie. A young couple sustains injuries in a horrible automobile accident.  The wife has memory loss due to a head injury.  She does not remember her husband. The couple faces a great challenge but in the end…  Well, I’m not going to give the ending away, watch the movie.  You’ll enjoy it.

       In the movie, the husband has a theory about what he terms “moments of impact,” that turns our lives upside down but actually defines who we are.  I got to thinking about that.  I thought about various events/moments in my life of great impact.  Some of these experiences were wonderful, joyous, uplifting.  Other experiences were painful, troublesome, challenging and heartbreaking.  Events that have occurred in my life that took me down a different path are: Falling in love – moment of impact; marriage – moment of impact; giving birth to my first child – moment of impact; first job – moment of impact; divorce – moment of impact; connecting with Spirit – moment of impact; loss of job, loss of possessions – moment of impact…  I can go on, and on.

       I believe moments of impact are what we create in our lives for soul growth.  I believe some of it is karmic related.  Nothing is coincidental.  Moments of impact defines who we are  and I am grateful for them.

       One thing is for sure, moments of impact changes the course of our lives.

Love, light and blessings