The Images That Moved Them Most: Photographers on America’s Veterans

I salute our Veterans for their bravery serving our country. I thank them for giving their lives, and limbs. My heart is heavy for our Veterans because many of them are still at war. They’re fighting for quality medical treatment. They’re fighting for jobs. They’re fighting addictions. They’re fighting to make sense of a world gone wrong. Here is an article by Phil Bicker regarding the struggles a lot of our Veterans are facing today.
Love, light, & blessings

Be Creative


Hello everyone,

I  have missed you guys!  It’s been a few weeks since the last time I posted anything. I have been very busy with a couple of projects that I am working on to bring to fruition. I am getting closer and closer to making my dream come true.  I have written a book for children that I am now ready to publish.  I changed the original front cover of the book and replaced it with another one that I am thrilled about. Everything is lining up and going smoothly.

Prior to writing my book, I have written poems, songs, and a short story.  In fact, one of my poems was published some years ago.  It was a great feeling to see my poem in print. 

Besides writing, I draw.  Recently I attended an art class and I enjoyed it very much.  The class was great!  The instructor went over the sizes of the paint brushes we were going to use and she explained how to care for them.  When working with acrylic paint, the paint brush has to be placed in water when it is not in use.  If the paint is allowed to dry on the paint brush, the brush could be ruined.  The instructor discussed the painting that we were going to replicate and the types of brush strokes we were going to use.

This class introduced me to working with acrylic paint on canvas.   It felt felt very natural and I plan to take another class.  I just have to figure out a way to work it into my busy schedule.

What is your creative talent?   You may say, “I’m not creative.”   I bet you are creative.  You just haven’t recognized your talent.  Maybe you enjoy reading books and give very good critiques.  You might be good at crocheting or event planning.   How about baking cakes, from scratch.  Maybe you have thought about taking a Tango dance lesson class.  I say, do it.  Dance is a very creative art form. 

I really enjoyed the art class.  It felt good to draw again.  I encourage everyone to tap into your creative talents and see where it might take you.  You never know.

I had not planned to do this, but I’ve decided to post my work of art.  Here it is:

my art

Love, light and blessings