I had a beautiful experience recently while out shopping. In fact, I had the same experience last year when I was apartment hunting.
A couple of days ago, I was out shopping and my six-year-old grandson was with me. Entering the store I hear kids running around playing but I didn’t see them. Looking around for school uniform pants I see a few people in the store. Then I hear a tiny voice asking if she could hug me. I look down to see a pretty, round face, little girl with big eyes, about five years old, looking up at me. I was startled and instinctively looked around for a parent. No one was near. I got down to her level and she hugged me. After a few seconds, all I could say was thank you. Thank you for the hug. I thought she was so sweet. Smiling at me, she darted off to continue playing.
Why in the mist of running around the store, playing, did the little girl come to me and ask if she could give me a hug?
Last year around this time I had a similar experience. I was apartment hunting and the leasing agent at a complex I visited had her son with her in the leasing office.  She told me her  nine-year old son was a huger and asked if I wanted to meet him. I agreed. She went into another office to get him. She returned and told him my name. He walked towards me with arms outstretched. I bent down to hug and he placed his head on my shoulder. After a few seconds, I tried to pull away but he held on. I relaxed and accepted the hug. Then, I became overwhelmed with emotion and tears fell down my checks. I was a little embarrassed because I didn’t know why I was crying. I can only say the experience was very powerful.
So a year later I have another experience of a child wanting to hug me. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I accept it as a message, a gift from above. I believe there are souls being born now coming here with the specific purpose to spread love and compassion. They are Crystal Children.  I am honored to have met a Crystal Child for the second time.
V Farria

4 thoughts on “GIFTS FROM ABOVE

  1. Their hearts are open, and to just hug them or even be around them ‘asks’ us to be the same. We actually ‘feel’ that love and recognise it is the love and happiness we have always sought in our lives, and it asks us to ‘let go’. But for us it is our ‘safety’ zone (our walls from our fears, our coping place within), and a difficult thing to do. The more our walls are down, the easier it is to do.
    But as you have said, a very beautiful thing to ‘touch’ and recognise as where we want to be, in another ❤
    Thank you for sharing that 'touch' Vanessa 😀 ❤

  2. V.A. Farria says:

    It was a beautiful experience and special moment each time. Thank you Mark for your words.

  3. Hello Vanessa. Wonderful post. I also believe there are no coincidences. We come into one another’s lives at just the right time and when wonderful things like this happen it is a blessing. I also believe that these experiences and the way in which they touch you say as much about you as they do about the wonderful souls that come your way. You are obviously a thoughtful caring, and soul-connected person.

    I am always touched by the warm and thoughtful words you share when visiting my blog and feel blessed that you are a part of my world. Peace and Blessings.

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