Voices From the Other Side of the Veil

Is it a loved one or a malevolent entity?
I’ve heard the voice of a loved one  from the other side of the veil whisper in my ear. During meditation I heard my grandmother’s voice.  She had a message for me.  I’ve also heard my sister’s voice whisper my name in my ear.  Each time I had this experience it startled me. whispers  But I was also excited at the same time. Hearing the voice of a loved one who has crossed over is comforting.
But then I thought maybe a negative energy was trying to deceive me.  I wondered if these communications were truly from my loved ones.  If it was a negative energy trying to deceive me, what did it stand to gain?  The communications I received were short and did not ask anything of me.
If you have had such an experience, I would like to hear from you.   If you haven’t had such an experience, I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.
Love & Light

3 thoughts on “Voices From the Other Side of the Veil

  1. Hi Vee, it has been a while but it is good to hear ‘your’ voice 🙂
    In all my time of speaking with spirit, there has always been 3 things I measure it by.
    Is it given with love (as all my ‘knowings’ come through with a feeling of comfort and love), is its purpose one of love (to heal for me or another), and does it have an intent (to comfort me or another).
    Plus, even after the above, I must make sure (if it isn’t for me), to pass it on with integrity, because even though the message may seem quite innocuous, to another it can bring their world down.
    In the beginning I just ‘felt’ it and looked at it from what it meant for me. I gradually realised it had no intent other than to show me….me.
    I do have lots of things for others now, but I still very much ‘feel’ it first. And because I have faced my fears (most, not all 🙂 ), I now ‘give out’ from a much more loving place and that will protect because what better protection than the power of love 🙂
    Don’t worry, my ego got in the way in the early days of ‘look at me, I can hear things’ and I got bitten a few times because my integrity and love of self went out the door. But that is part of the learning process.
    Just keep your love and integrity in place and you will be fine.
    Don’t push it, it is a gradual thing that will come as you stand in your truth and BE the love that you seek.
    Take care, and just be guided by your heart 🙂

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