It’s a Great Time To Be Alive!

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It’s a Great Time To Be Alive!
by Owen K Waters

As souls, we’ve waited a long time to be here and experience The Shift to the New Reality. Let’s take this opportunity now to focus on where we are at this critical juncture in human history, and shape our future with an intention to explore our greatest potential.

The Shift is the mass migration of humanity into the second tier of consciousness. This is where basic values transform into spiritual values, where caring hearts blossom forth into action to serve humanity in ways that represent their personal, highest joy.

Millions of pioneering trail-blazers have already made it into the new, heart-centered awareness. Every day, more people follow their example. The New Reality presents a newly emerging type of humanity. This vanguard of unconditional love and renewed hope holds the seeds of a culture where ‘quality of life’ replaces ‘standard of living’ and ‘you-and-me’ cooperation replaces ‘you-versus-me’ competition.

The world is transforming; destiny is calling. Together we are witnessing the dawning of the New Reality as it rises in all of its glory, like the Sun rising at the dawn of a bright, new day.

The New Reality is both heartfelt and heart-powered. It’s about people who care. But people can only awaken to their new, expanded potential when they realize that this potential exists.

Tell your friends that the world is shifting to a new reality and that it is destined to become a truly beautiful place.

To step forward into New Reality consciousness means to experience new vistas of awareness and new levels of creativity. It means following your heart to express your inner joy through making your own meaningful contribution towards the betterment of the world.

It truly is a great time to be alive!

Forward Motion

moving fast

After a year of stagnation I am in forward motion again.  I feel energized and excited about the unlimited possibilities that may enter my life.

What causes stagnation in our lives?  What causes us to get off track from our journey?

I call it life’s interference.

We all experience them at some time or another.

off the path

                                    Maybe we make a bad decision that causes us to take a side journey off our path.

Maybe a relationship sets us back.  We put so much effort into our relationships that sometimes we set our goals and ambitions aside.

Perhaps it’s an emotional interference that might paralyze us and we get stuck.

Maybe it’s our job that steels our time and prevents our creative expression from materializing.

Actually, maybe these interference are meant to occur because it is our karma.

Now, that’s something to think about.    light bulb

 The important thing is to get back on track.  Because when we do, we feel fulfilled pursuing what give us joy.  We feel balanced and attuned to what we are here to do.

So, just like the little Choo Choo, keep going.

ChooChoo Train

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can …


Love, light & blessings