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Not long ago, my spiritual advisor told me my guides were advising that I get into my own Essence energy more fully. Become more aware of how my own Essence feels. What does that mean? How is it done and how does it feel? Is it achieved through meditation? Is it our energy field/aura?

The following article posted at suggests that Essence energy is something we enjoy doing. It is what makes us feel good.


Article from

“Everything in life has an “Essence” to it. Your parents, your mom, your dad, you friend, your dog, the plant in your home. Everything has a uniqueness and energy, some soft, some strong, that it generates. This is beyond the personality and beyond the physical eye. Some may have an Essence of calmness and creativity, and others may have more humor and adventure. Every person on this planet has a unique Essence and no one has the same Essence.

What types of activities increase your energy and make you feel alive? Is it gardening, playing a sport, being outside, being with people? Do you prefer to be alone or in a group? What makes you feel creative? Is it cooking, drawing, fashion, or decorating? Does nature touch your heart or being in a city full of life and energy? Everyone has a different Essence and it must be fed. By feeding your Essence, whether that is gardening, reading a book, or playing with your dog, or simply “being” and appreciating beauty, you are strengthening your heart and allowing creativity to flow from beyond. I do not mean that you should feed your ego and personality however.”

Follow what feels good and follow what makes you feel alive. Try to recognize other people’s Essence. For at a deeper level that is really what wants to be recognized. You may be annoyed by someone’s personality but if you can recognize their Essence you can see beyond the illusion of personality and see how to feed someone at a deeper level.”


I’m still not sure what it is. I want to know how I can feel and recognize my Essence energy. Can someone explain it to me?

2 thoughts on “Essence Energy

  1. Hi Vee, from my own personal journey, it is when you are comfortable to be with someone you are sensing their energy (essence) and feeling balanced or in tune with that person. Mind you, you also attract ‘exactly’ what you need to understand something within yourself. And when you come across someone who you feel very uncomfortable to be around, you are feeling their (possibly negative) energy also.
    That can also be a lesson within that person who will make you feel very uncomfortable because they reflect your fears back to you. Many people do that within our lives so that we can understand and release our fears.
    We all do it so automatically that we ignore it, but it is in being in tune with those sensations that we can see inside ourselves better. It is our responses to those energies that we can ‘see’ what our fears are, as in why we are comfortable or uncomfortable with someone.
    Mind you, some people’s energy can be quite negative and it can be draining to be with them. Again we ‘feel’ it but don’t give it another thought in what it is that we ARE actually feeling.
    You create your energy in being who you are….do the things you love, and your energy (essence) is high, and you radiate that energy out. Do constant negative actions (being in your fear) and that is the low energy you give out.
    We don’t realise it normally, but we always project our fears to others, which attracts the exact thing we need to ‘see’ and understand what drives them. Once understood they lose their power, and we ‘open’ from those walls we knock down, and our energy raises much higher.
    They all teach as we go through all those many feelings in this world, each one pointing us past our fears (fears build inner walls and block our energy) to finally be in that loving space that radiate that balanced, loving energy that we all strive for…that ‘happiness’ we all seek.
    Hope that helps 🙂

  2. V.A. Farria says:

    Hi Mark,

    I have had experiences of meeting someone for the first time and hitting it off as if we knew each other for years. I have also been in the company of others that I felt very uncomfortable with. Sometimes I may meet someone and immediately know I don’t want to be around that person.

    I am happiest when I am writing, reading, meditating, and surrounded by nature. So, if I pursue the things that makes me happy and gives me peace than my Essence energy would be high.

    Now, that I am writing more and meditating on a regular bases I am beginning to feel calm and at peace again.

    Thank you Mark, I have a better understanding of what it is. Blessings to you.


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