Walk in imageI’m working on my next book which is very different from the children’s book, Earth Allies that I’ve written. It is fictional with some personal truths incorporated into it. Here is an excerpt that I thought you might enjoy reading.

The little girl tossed her doll aside as she begin to climb up onto the chair, then the table, and helped herself to a peanut butter cookie from the red and white cookie jar. She was sitting on the edge of the table swinging her little legs back and forth. As she reached for another cookie, her mother called her.

“Onyx where are you?”

This startled the child. She dropped the cookie and tried to put her feet back onto the chair to get off the table but lost her balance and began to fall. This is the moment we agreed upon to make the transfer. When the child made impact with the floor, I entered the body. I walked-in and the original soul walked-out.