Amazing Experiences


Hi everybody,

I am having amazing experiences and I am receiving messages from my guides and my Higher-self on a regular basis.  Messages we receive from our guides may be so subtle that we might miss them  if we don’t pay attention.

I’m getting random thoughts about the smallest things and then it happens.   For instance, about two weeks ago my laptop stopped working. I couldn’t access anything .  I ran the maintenance test and got a message that the hard drive had failed.  So, I took  my laptop to a local computer repair business.  I told them I ran the maintenance test and that the hard drive had to be replaced. We discussed what needed to be done and the fee involved.  As I’m having this conversation, I get a thought that nothing is wrong with the hard drive. I dismissed it as wishful thinking.  I retrieved my laptop a few days later and it’s working fine.

Well this past Saturday while talking to my neighbor, I told him about my ordeal with my laptop and the fact that I still needed to get my files off of the bad hard drive and save them to my new hard drive.  My neighbor kindly offered to do that for me.  So I brought him my laptop and the damaged hard drive.   Ten minutes later he’s knocking at my door telling me there is nothing wrong with my hard drive.  It had a virus and he removed it.  Why did I ignore the message that I got?

Just yesterday, I took Sugar, my Bechon Frise’, to the clinic to have her teeth cleaned which required her to be sedated.  I got a random thought, that Sugar might be ill.  I thought nothing of it and ignored it.  Well it turns out Sugar somehow has chemical poisoning in her system and her liver enzyme count is a little low.  Because of that issue the dental cleaning was postponed. The veterinarian told me to give Sugar Milk  Thistle until her next appointment in a few weeks.  Again, I got a message that I chose to ignore.

Sometimes I might think of a person  that I haven’t seen in years and shortly afterwards I receive news about the person or news from the person.

I am receiving immediate answers to questions that I pose during meditation. I asked my Higher-self  if I am on the right path in my life.  Am I during what I came here to do?  I got a message. I actually heard these words, “You have the advantage of knowing what is not commonly known.”   What a message!


I’m also receiving messages during dream time.  I was shown doors and I had to decide which one to open. I saw a female giant in one dream and a hand extended towards me filled with gold coins. During a recent meditation I saw the words love.

It’s wonderful to receive these communications.  It’s like a report card.  I know how I’m progressing and I know what I need to work on.


Love, light and blessings


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