Messages From Behind The Veil


I believe our loved ones on the other side of the veil communicate with us in different ways.  If we’re open and pay attention, we can receive their messages.

A co-worker’s grandfather crossed-over in November.  About two weeks after his departure my co-worker began to experience issues in her home with lights flickering off and on.  Earlier this week, she was blow drying her hair and the electricity went out.  She did not have anything else plugged in and she has never had that happen before.  When she told me what happened, I thought of her grandfather.  I told her he was probably trying to communicate with her.  He wanted her to know he is around.  There are no coincidences.

It is very difficult for disembodied souls to contact us.  They have to lower their vibration in order to come into our plan.  It is easier for them to connect with us during dream time then it is to manifest in our sphere.  If we wish to communicate with a loved one who has crossed-over, we can set our intention to do so before going to sleep.

My co-worker had another experience.  A few weeks after her beloved dog Jack departed this Earth, she heard him in her home.  She has hardwood floors in her living room and when Jack was alive, she would hear him walking because of his nails hitting the floor.  One night she was in her bedroom when she heard that familiar sound of Jack’s nails on the hardwood floors.  It unnerved her to hear the sound coming from downstairs.  After investigating, she found everything in order.  She had that experience a few times after Jack’s death.

Personally, just last week, I was on my laptop in my bedroom.  The TV was on but I wasn’t watching it.  For some reason, I looked up at the TV and saw three men sitting around a grave honoring their friend who had just died.  I directed my attention to the headstone and it read Joseph Walker.  My step-father’s name is Joseph Walker and he crossed over December 2011.  I smiled to myself and thought, Hello Pawpaw, I got your message. I miss you and love you.  He was letting me know he is around.  I could say “what a coincidence,” but I know better. : )

I have a sister who departed last year in March. Grieving for her had been really hard.  I miss her dearly. Initially after her death, I saw an orb in my living room and I knew it was she.  I saw her in my dream twice.  But, I had not received any communication from her in months. Not being able to communicate with her made my grieving harder.  About a month ago, I asked her to visit me.  I felt if I could talk to her or just see her, I could get past the grieving.  She visited me in my dream a few days after I made the request.  I was so happy to see her.  In my dream, I was visiting someone and I needed to leave and go home.  When I arrived at my house I walked up a few short steps and unlocked the door.  When the door opened, she was standing there.  I felt so much joy to see her.  I grabbed her hands and I was surprised that her hands were warm. In my dream I knew she was in Spirit and I expected her hands to feel cold.  I was definitely aware of the situation.  I could hardly contain my excitement seeing her and holding her hands.  She was beautiful.  She wore a two-piece garment with a scarf over her right shoulder.  The colors seemed to be shades of blue.  She told me she was happy to see me.  Nothing else was said.  We stood there holding hands. I noticed that the room we were standing in was big and circular, with windows everywhere, hardwood floors and a staircase in the middle of the room that seemed to go on and on.  Since my sister visited with me my grieving seems to have subsided. I am grateful for her visit.

I believe our love ones communicate with us all the time from the other side of the veil.  Sometimes they get our attention in subtle ways and other times in big ways.  We just need to pay attention.

Love, light and blessings


5 thoughts on “Messages From Behind The Veil

  1. Beautiful Vee. Thank you for sharing something that I have personally felt on so many levels. The happiness I have within because of that connection and the understanding that there IS so much more around us, is so beautiful when understood. The awareness is bringing those connections more and more frequently because I chose to understand my life based on those things, that most fob off as coincidental, and are very distinct in the guidance that we get on a day to day basis. Love, light and blessings Vee for the season and the guidance to live our lives with that beauty within. Namaste

  2. V.A. Farria says:

    Thank you Mark. I am humbled to have such a connection and understanding.
    Peace and blessings

  3. Hello sister,
    how are you??
    You are right dear Farria souls and dead people can visit their family or any one whom they love. I am sorry for your sister death. In my religion souls can visit living people and when you saw your sister in your dreams that means she visited you.
    Wishing you to find the right path. And to have a happy life.
    Your friend Omana

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