Things are Becoming Clearer (Picture Courtesy of Being)

Things are Becoming Clearer
(Picture Courtesy of Being)


       I have been listening to a shmanic meditation these past two weeks and it is great.  The first time I did the meditation I felt a slight pressure and a tingling sensation on the top of my head.  Throughout the meditation I also experienced goose bumps all over my body.  I am doing this particular meditation twice a week. It is very powerful.  Since I’ve been using this meditation, I am beginning to receive impressions, visions, and dreams again!

       Yesterday I got clarity regarding a dream that I had a year ago.  In the dream I was standing outside a tall building with a group of about four women.  One of the women forgot her purse in the office.  I volunteered to go back into the building and get her purse.  I went to the third floor and everyone in the office seemed to be shutting down for the day.  For some reason, I did not want them to see me so I went out the exit door onto a stairwell.  Then I noticed three steps leading up to the parking area on the roof of this building.  I decided to go onto the roof.  When I opened the door to go on the roof, I looked to the left and  immediately saw a younger version of myself sitting on the ground, leaning against a column, stroking a huge, albino python (I think that’s what it was).  I was startled to see myself with the snake. I looked to the right and saw another building and I decided I wanted to jump over onto the roof.  So I did.  When I landed on the other roof, I turned to look back from where I jumped and saw a wolf standing there. The wolf wanted to attack me and jump over but it couldn’t.

Higher Vibration (Picture Courtesy of Bing)

Higher Vibration
(Picture Courtesy of Bing)


       Then I turned to look at my new surroundings. I was in a place with a waterfall, flowers, mountains, birds, lots of trees, and foliage.  There was a blue lake that seemed to meet with the sky.  It was tranquil, and beautiful there.

       I was told the snake represented my kundalini.  I still don’t know the meaning of seeing myself (a younger version) stroking the snake.  I feel jumping onto the other roof means I’ve entered a higher vibration. I never understood what the wolf meant in my dream.  Yesterday out of the blue the meaning of the wolf came to me.  I believe the wolf represents my lower nature.  I jumped into a higher vibration and my lower nature was left behind.

       I feel with time I will get more clarity about this dream/message.  I also received clarity on a dream I had back in the 70s. During my meditations I ask for clarity in all things and I am receiving it.  :  )

       I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Love, light and blessings