Soul Lessons

Woman Sitting in MeditationI’m trying to hold it together today.  I’m navigating through murky waters.

I am remembering everything that I have studied and learned these past few years to help me to be in the present and balanced.  My ego is trying to create fear with thoughts of, what if this happens, or that happens?  I am reminding myself we all have lessons to learn.  I am reminding myself that I may help and guide but each of us is responsible for choices we make.  Choices we make shape our lives. The challenges we’re faced with are lessons to be learned for soul growth.  I’m standing on the side line offering love, prayers, and meditations to defuse the situation.

Meditation and connection with Spirit give me peace and hope.  I am grateful, I am grateful …

Love, light, and blessings

4D Astral Congestion, Noises, Images & More

I read this post by Denise LaFaye and it is on target with what some of the things I have experienced lately. In the article she talks about shifting realities. It is comforting to know I am not the only one having such experiences. This is a great article that may resonate with you.
Love, light, and blessings