blue wild flowers me walkin nature trail  turtle on a log water garden

Saturday morning I decided to go to Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.  I’ve been wanting to go for some time now.  After an early morning appointment I did just that.  It wasn’t too hot, and I was dressed for a hike in nature .  I walked into the Arboretum and took a look around.  There were lots of interesting displays of birds, butterflies, edible wild plants, …

I walked several trails and took in the beauty of nature.  It was so tranquil.  I could hear birds and other sounds coming from the forest.  It was almost hypnotic. I saw a water garden and a turtle sitting on a log in the water.  Butterflies and birds were everywhere.  There are benches in different areas on the trail.   It would be a good spot to sit ad write.

After about an hour I left the Arboretum and  took the scenic route home.  Then I found myself in an area that was unfamiliar. I did not recognize any of the streets.  I needed to get to Bunker Hill and figured sooner or later I will run across a street that I recognize.  So, I went with the flow and took in the beauty of the homes and gardens.  After driving a little while, I instinctively made a left turn.  I continued to drive still absorbing the feeling of connecting with nature.  A few miles later I made another left turn.  I came to a cross-road and decided to turn right.  The street was Bunker Hill!  I totally relied on my instincts to get me where I needed to go.   Ummm, could it be intent and manifestation at work?

Love, light, and laughter

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