My Truth (Part II)

Sunbeams Backlighting Cross

In part one I stated that when I entered junior high school I had an experience when we moved to another house.  Actually it was when I entered senior high school that I had another experience.  By the time I entered junior high school we lived in a three bedroom, shotgun house.  I did not experience anything unusual when we lived there.  I felt comfortable there and never heard or saw anything.  During those years I had a strong desire to become a nun.  I gave it great thought but did not know where to go to get information on becoming a nun.  I was raised Baptist and had no idea what was required to become a nun.

My family moved again when I entered senior high school.  We lived in a three-bedroom house (not shotgun). In this house I always felt someone was watching me.  It felt uneasy and I did not like to be at home alone.  But for the most part, it was uneventful.  Sometimes I‘d wake during the night and felt scared but I did not see anything. Then one night I awoke and saw a figure sitting on the bed next to one of my sisters, holding here hand.  The entity appeared to be a female and she was light, clear.  The truth is when I saw the entity I did not feel anything negative but I was scared.  I blinked my eyes but she was still there.  Next I pulled the covers over my head and began to pray.  When I looked again, the entity was gone.

Then one night something woke me up.  I looked towards the doorway and saw a little boy standing there.  He appeared solid.  He was dressed in period clothing, I think from the late 1800s.  He wore a black hat.  His clothing was black also, with a white shirt that had a black bow tie (looked like ribbon).  Over the shirt he wore a jacket, with knickers, white socks (high) and black shoes.  His hair was black in a page-boy cut. When I saw him, he was looking down.  Slowly he raised his head to look at me and his eyes were like fire. I wanted to scream but I didn’t.  I felt negative energy coming from him.  I closed my eyes and immediately began to pray. After a while I opened my eyes and he was gone.  Then I saw a reflection on the bedroom wall that looked like a cross.  I went to sleep and never told anyone about the incident.  But for a while after that, every night there was a reflection of a cross on the wall.  I got out of bed to try to figure out where it was coming from.  I looked out the window into the night sky and could not figure it out.

The reflection of the cross appeared on the wall for sometime after the appearance of the little boy and I felt safe.

Love, light and blessings

Star of David – Merkaba – Grand Sextile Portal July 29th 2013

Tania Marie

mystic mamma merkabaHere we are at the portal that I posted about on the 14th – This is the Big One We’ve All Been Waiting For. Today is the Grand Sextile where the “Mystic Merkaba” formed by two Grand Trines will have profound effect for those who consciously use their awareness to harness the energy.

Take some time out today to tune in to your heart, be extremely present and mindful of your intents, thoughts, and feelings, surround yourself with supportive energy, and release all fears and the old.

Whatever you put out there will be amplified and the more aligned you are in universal heart that takes into account the collective, the more you will find all of your own needs/intents met on an individual basis as well. So beam out your loving intents for the highest good of all concerned and watch things amplify.

The Merkaba/Star Tetrahedron/Star of David…

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