Two Suns?

two suns

       I snapped this picture with my cell phone one evening, a few months ago,  driving home from work.  The sky looked very dramatic and I wanted to capture it.  I looked at this picture for the first time yesterday and was very surprised to see this.  It appears to be two suns.  When I took the picture, the bright sphere on the right was not visible to the naked eye.

       I have seen photos posted on various sites showing two suns these past couple of years.  There was a photo taken by someone in China depicting two suns.  I’m looking for a logical explanation here but don’t have one.  What do you think?

P.S.  Take a look at the post “What is happening? A second sun or just a reflection?

Love, light, and blessings

9 thoughts on “Two Suns?

  1. V.A. Farria says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit Train Chronicles.

  2. Sulaiman says:

    I noticed the 2 suns as well back in 2007 while taking a trip to afghanistan. A bit dramatic tho. As were crossing over greenland I was peeking out the window and noticed the sun setting over the horizon and to my amazement after being still in place for quite some time it comes back the opposite way o.0 Just on the other side I noticed a second sun almost mirroring it in clear reflection. We are bound to have both visible to all after ascension if God wills. Hope that helps. Peace

    • V.A. Farria says:

      Thank Sulaiman for sharing your experience. I have a friend who lives in South Africa and she recently took photos of what appears to be two suns. All will be revealed in due time.

      Love, light, and blessings

  3. seralyn84 says:

    Hey there, I stumbled across your blog looking for stuff related to astronomy. I’m confused though…I only see the one sun on the right side of the picture.. Where’s the other one??

    • V.A. Farria says:

      Hi seralyn84,

      The other sun is on the left. If indeed it is another sun. That’s what it appears to be to me. What are your thoughts? Thank you for visiting.

      Love, light, and blessings

      • seralyn84 says:

        Hey V 😉 I think the sun on the left is a street light. It seems to be coming from the stem of the street light and I think the reflection on the car hood is from that light too. It would be really cool if that was a second sun though!!

  4. V.A. Farria says:

    The mysterious appearance of two suns has been solved. After carefully looking at the picture I realize the light on the left is just that. A street light! LMAO

  5. V.A. Farria says:

    Hi seralyn84,
    It is absolutely a street light. I’m LMAO again.

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