Message From Spirit


I had a wonderful experience Saturday morning. I was up early watching TV and there was a scene with a rainbow. The colors were pink, green and blue. I thought about the last time I saw a rainbow and how nice it would be to see one now. About twenty minutes later I got dressed and  took Sugarplum out for her morning walk. It was cloudy and the ground was a little wet from overnight rain. I looked up to the sky and saw a lilac, green, yellow, and pink, rainbow.  It was beautiful.  I thanked Spirit for the gift.
Sometimes Spirit speaks to us through symbols and various signs.  We just have to recognize them when it happens. That’s what I am learning to do.
Love, light, and blessings

2 thoughts on “Message From Spirit

  1. starrystez says:

    Synchronicity! Lovely thanks for sharing.

  2. V.A. Farria says:

    Thank you starrystez.

    Love, light, and belssings

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