purple flower

I am back to meditating daily.  I try to meditate in the morning and evening before retiring for the evening.  I am working on opening my Chakras because I think some may be blocked. Before I begin meditating I ground myself.  I ask for protection and I express thanks, gratitude and love for the help I receive from my guides, guardians, helpers, angels … 

I am using an Amethyst when I meditate and I handle it with love and respect.  I place the Amethyst on my third eye. It helps improve visualizations, increase all forms of psychic abilities, prevents nightmares, helps to attune with one’s higher self, used for healing purposes, and so much more. 

When I meditate I know when I have arrived at that special place because I recognize a subtle shift that occurs. When I initially settle down to meditate I can hear sounds coming from other parts of the house.  When the shift occurs, I can still hear the sounds but they are background noises. It’s similar to how it sounds when swimming underwater.

Recently when meditating I had a vision of Native Americans dancing around a fire. It was not a vision of a past life. It did not feel like it was a war dance. I think it was a ritual dance giving thanks to Spirit. I’m sure with time I will understand what the message is.

I am happy to make progress in such a short time.  I will report more as I continue with my meditations.

Love, light and blessings