Lonley Heart

My heart is a lonely hunter forever seeking love

Giving of myself from the depth of my soul

Wanting the same from the one that I adore

But I have yet to experience the glory of it all

To be in love with someone and he in love with me


So the hunt goes on and my heart grows strong For

I know that somewhere there is another who is a lonely

Hunter seeking to experience the ecstasy of being in love


Vanessa Ann Farria,
The Silent Journey, Copyright 2004 by the International Library of Poetry as a compilation

I wrote this poem when I was in my twenties.  During that time I was depressed and I found life to be unbearable.  For many years I felt unloved and alone.  I didn’t fit in. My self esteem was low and I felt that I did not belong in this world.  Then one day I had my palms read and I learned that I am a walk-in.  This was during the 80s and I had never heard the term.  I will tell you more about that revelation at another time.

Love and light


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