Patience Is A Virtue

Tortoise in Meadow                                   Be patient, you’ll get there.

Hi Guys,

John Van Auken wrote an article Patience – A Dimension of Consciousness in A.R.E. “Venture Inward Newsletter.”  He wrote:

Patience is not passive endurance and submissiveness. It is active, transforming, and filled with the power of God in action.

Mr. Auken also wrote of Edgar Cayce’s (known as the “sleeping prophet”),  perspective on patience. Edgar Cayce believed patience is not just a virtue but another dimension.

  Time, space, and patience are those channels through which man as a finite mind may become aware of infinite,” he explained. (3161-1) Love unbounded is patience. Love manifested is patience. (262-24)

What I am getting from the quote is, because we are human our finite mind creates boundaries for us.  But through time, space, and patience we connect with the infinite.  I believe through daily meditation, living mindfully, and with patience we are connected to Spirit.

John Van Auken’s article resonates with me and I now have a clearer understanding of what is meant by “Patience is a Virtue.”

Love and light