Clearing Chakras




I focused on my Root Chakra using a red orb.  I held the orb there for a few minutes. After a while I expanded the orb. It got larger and larger until it filled my entire bedroom.  I did this a couple of nights and had no problem expanding the orb.

Last night I meditated on my  Naval Chakra, the orb is orange.  I held the orb in place and attempted to expand but I could not get it to expand.  That tells me I have blockage and  have to repeat the exercise until I am able to expand the orb.

When I completed the exercise with my chakras I did another meditation to connect with my higher self. I am still meditating using my amethyst.  I am also using a rose quartz and crystal. I held the crystal in my right hand and the amethyst in my left hand.  One more thing, before I began the meditation, I grounded myself and used my rose quartz pendulum to clear all of my spheres.  I also asked for protection. I then began to meditate.  I set my intent to access my Akashic Records and to remember my dreams. My mind would not settle down.  I thought about having to go to the store, working on my blog, and all sorts of other things.  I kept at it.  Finally, I began to see colors. I always see purple and blue.  Sometimes I see pink.  These colors come at my like a wave.

After a while, I had visions of random people that I do not know.  I get this a lot.  I did not get anything else.  I ended my meditation with love, gratitude, and respect to my helpers, angels, and guides.

It’s a process and I will keep at it.  In the meantime, I continue to read and study anything that will help me with my spiritual progress.

Love, light and blessings


My Truth (Part I)

 I named this post “My Truth” because I am writing about my personal, spiritual experiences. My first memory of a supernatural experience was when I was around six years old.  We lived in a two bedroom, shotgun house.  I shared a bed with two of my sisters. Those were happy years. I remember long, lazy, summers and there was always something fun to do. We lived across the street from Hardin Park.  It was a great park. There was always an activity held at the park during the summer months. I remember my father taking me and my sisters to the park one night to listen to a band playing. Everyone sat on the bleachers. People were having a good time. The park also had two swimming pools.  Every summer a swim team would put on an aquatic dance in the adult swimming pool.  It was beautiful.  I enjoyed it so much.  To me it was water ballet. 

I dreaded going to bed at night because that was when I had frightening experiences.  



The house was in total darkness which made it even more frightening. I was so afraid that each night I slept between my two sisters in the bed.  Our bedroom was next to the kitchen.  I would wake-up several times during the night (still do).  After waking up I could immediately hear noise coming from the kitchen.  I could hear the clattering of dishes and pots.  Then I heard chains rattling.  It sounded like chains dragging across the floor.  I could hear them coming closer and closer.  I thought any minute I could see them come into the bedroom.  Trembling, I  pull the cover over my head hoping they would go away.   

When I began to have these experiences, I would wake up my sisters from their sleep and ask them if they heard the chains.  My sisters were grumpy and upset with me for waking them up.  They did not hear anything.  I didn’t understand why they  did not hear what I heard.  Needless to say, I stopped waking them up at night.  Some nights when I could not stand it any longer, I let out the loudest scream.  I’d wake up everybody and then my parents allowed me to sleep in their bed.  This happened at least two to three times a week.

I knew the chains were not of someone in prison.  Everything within me told me they were slaves.  I could feel the heaviness and sadness. It was a horrible existence for them. I endured this for six years until my parents moved out of that house.  We moved to another house when I entered junior high school. There I had an experience of a different nature.

I will post Part II of My Truth at a later date.

Love, light and blessings



purple flower

I am back to meditating daily.  I try to meditate in the morning and evening before retiring for the evening.  I am working on opening my Chakras because I think some may be blocked. Before I begin meditating I ground myself.  I ask for protection and I express thanks, gratitude and love for the help I receive from my guides, guardians, helpers, angels … 

I am using an Amethyst when I meditate and I handle it with love and respect.  I place the Amethyst on my third eye. It helps improve visualizations, increase all forms of psychic abilities, prevents nightmares, helps to attune with one’s higher self, used for healing purposes, and so much more. 

When I meditate I know when I have arrived at that special place because I recognize a subtle shift that occurs. When I initially settle down to meditate I can hear sounds coming from other parts of the house.  When the shift occurs, I can still hear the sounds but they are background noises. It’s similar to how it sounds when swimming underwater.

Recently when meditating I had a vision of Native Americans dancing around a fire. It was not a vision of a past life. It did not feel like it was a war dance. I think it was a ritual dance giving thanks to Spirit. I’m sure with time I will understand what the message is.

I am happy to make progress in such a short time.  I will report more as I continue with my meditations.

Love, light and blessings


Universal Laws Reblogged From

If each one of us understood and applied the twelve main Universal Laws, our lives would be a whole lot easier and simpler. Of course we all have our struggles and lessons to deal with in life. Some more difficult than others. If, as a human race, we truly understood the principle of cause and effect, for example, we would think more carefully about our actions and deeds. There would be no need for criminal law, judges, lawyers, or a legal court system. You would be the judge of your own actions.

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The Universal Law of Divine Oneness 

Everything is connected. Our actions and words affect others and the Universe around us. Spirit is the essence of consciousness, the Universal energy that creates all things.  Each one of us is a part of that Spirit—a Divine entity. Spirit is the Higher Self, the eternal being that lives within us.

The Universal Law of Cycles 

Everything in the Universe vibrates and moves in cycles or seasons. All things happen in good time. Whatever rises, falls, and whatever falls will rise again. Masters know to rise above the cycles, to accept whatever comes, as it too will pass. Animals and nature follow the natural flow and rhythm of the Universe. When humankind accepts this law too, life becomes easier. 

The Universal Law of Action

To manifest our dreams and desires, we must engage in actions that support our thoughts, dreams and words. You can visualize and think positively all you want, but you cannot bring what you want into being, without taking action. The higher your cause or intent for the betterment of humankind, the more help you attract from the Universe.

The Law of Flexibility 

A supple branch bends with the wind while a brittle branch will snap in a storm. Take whatever arises, even the most painful circumstances, and see it as a form of spiritual training. It is always better to take the middle path: do no push but do not hold back. This law teaches us to change course when the path ahead becomes full of obstacles.

The Law of Discernment 

Know the limits and boundaries of our responsibility; take charge of what is our duty and let go of that which is not. Respect the limits and boundaries of others and allow those individuals to learn their lessons through the choices they make. Teach others to be independent rather than dependent. 

The Law of Cause & Effect 

Karma is the Universal principle of cause and effect. For every effect, a corresponding cause precedes it without exception. Nothing happens by chance. We reap what we sow. The Universe provides opportunities to balance out our karmic debt through the intent of our actions and deeds. If we react to negativity with ill intent, we attract more negativity; if we respond with good intent, we attract more good.

The Universal Law of Compensation 

What we give in service to others comes back in the form of blessings, gifts, money and friendships. The Universe recognizes our good deeds and rewards us accordingly. Don’t spend your time thinking about the lack of what you do not have. Instead think about what you have and be grateful.

The Universal Law of Attraction 

We create our thoughts and feelings. Like energy attracts like energy; therefore positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. Wherever you put your thoughts and energy, the object of your attention will multiply and grow. If you are unclear about your desired outcome; that is, if your heart and mind are at odds with your intent, then the results will be muddy as well.

The Universal Law of Perpetual

We all have the power to change the conditions in our life. Thoughts build ideas in your conscious mind. These ideas are impressed upon the subconscious mind and stir emotions. Emotions are expressed with and through the body. The body is moved into action which produces results. If you want to change the results you must change your thinking. Thinking is the starting point in the process where thoughts become things.

The Universal Law of Relativity

Everyone receives a series of tests or challenges. This Law teaches us to relate what we see as problems to the problems faced by others and to put ours into perspective. There is always someone worse off than you. Everything is relative.

The Universal Law of Polarity

Everything has an opposite. Rather than concentrate on the negative aspects, concentrate on the positives to change the energy. So even if you are destitute, concentrate on the money you will receive, rather than the money you owe.

The Universal Law of Balance 

BalanceBringing balance into our daily life is an essential part of trusting in the overall plan for our Life’s Purpose. Everything has masculine and feminine energy. We may bend to the right or bend to the left, but ultimately the pendulum swings back to the middle. If we put too much emphasis on one or the other, we feel out of balance. Something will happen to correct that balance to restore harmony in our life. When we learn to balance our masculine and feminine energies, we can become a Master and co-creator with God.

Do you struggle with one Universal Law more than others? Do you think the Universal Laws would have more positive impact on the world than our current legal system? Please leave a comment by clicking on the little balloon beside the title and date.

Lonley Heart

My heart is a lonely hunter forever seeking love

Giving of myself from the depth of my soul

Wanting the same from the one that I adore

But I have yet to experience the glory of it all

To be in love with someone and he in love with me


So the hunt goes on and my heart grows strong For

I know that somewhere there is another who is a lonely

Hunter seeking to experience the ecstasy of being in love


Vanessa Ann Farria,
The Silent Journey, Copyright 2004 by the International Library of Poetry as a compilation

I wrote this poem when I was in my twenties.  During that time I was depressed and I found life to be unbearable.  For many years I felt unloved and alone.  I didn’t fit in. My self esteem was low and I felt that I did not belong in this world.  Then one day I had my palms read and I learned that I am a walk-in.  This was during the 80s and I had never heard the term.  I will tell you more about that revelation at another time.

Love and light


Patience Is A Virtue

Tortoise in Meadow                                   Be patient, you’ll get there.

Hi Guys,

John Van Auken wrote an article Patience – A Dimension of Consciousness in A.R.E. “Venture Inward Newsletter.”  He wrote:

Patience is not passive endurance and submissiveness. It is active, transforming, and filled with the power of God in action.

Mr. Auken also wrote of Edgar Cayce’s (known as the “sleeping prophet”),  perspective on patience. Edgar Cayce believed patience is not just a virtue but another dimension.

  Time, space, and patience are those channels through which man as a finite mind may become aware of infinite,” he explained. (3161-1) Love unbounded is patience. Love manifested is patience. (262-24)

What I am getting from the quote is, because we are human our finite mind creates boundaries for us.  But through time, space, and patience we connect with the infinite.  I believe through daily meditation, living mindfully, and with patience we are connected to Spirit.

John Van Auken’s article resonates with me and I now have a clearer understanding of what is meant by “Patience is a Virtue.”

Love and light